Uteco Emerald 10 colors

  • costruttore: Uteco
  • modello: Emerald
  • anno: 2006


Nr. 10 colors
Step 1250 mm material
Print width 1200 mm
Repeat 330 mm min – max 800 mm
Maximum speed 400 mt/min
LDPE-HDPE materials – NYLON – PET (thicknesses from 10 to 150 microns)
Type of solvent-based inks used
Range of voltages from 2 to 34 kg
Max diameter on unwinding coils 800 mm
Max reel diameter 800 mm on reels
Automatic turret Unwinder TA-800 U
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Group details:
transmission via print elements electric axis;
Central impression drum Hastalloy coating;
motorized cross-log;
motorized longitudinal register;
Nr. 10 portamaniche spindles 98.792 diam. mm print;
Nr. 10 portamaniche spindles diameter 130 mm halftone;
Nr. 10 + 4 closed Chamber doctor blades;
Nr. 10 + 4 ink trays in stainless steel Teflon;
cylinder screen cleaning system and blades; included in a supply tank of a capacity of 150 liters per solvent, complete with pump;
No. 10 No. 10 pumps + 2 ink pump tank;
Nr. 10 viscometers Fasnacht FKR-S4 controlled by computer.
Nr. 7 sleeves set for cliche (70 total)
No. 7 carrier sets (total of 20 carrier)
Nr. 10 anilox rollers
Nr. 1 montacliche cylinder
Nr. 2 from 76 mm expanding mandrels
Nr. 2 expandable spindles from 152 mm
Nr. 2 Teflon mud flaps

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