Die Gabriel Fossati & mod. 130/230

  • costruttore: Gandossi & Fossati
  • modello: 130/230
  • anno: 1984


Revised Astin
Vacum feed tray, with motorised adjustable side teams and adjusting the rear kick, manual manual groups.
Nr. 01 print unit with inking system with rubberized print with dithered and from below, with motorized longitudinal electric, manual pressure logs, thick 6 mm cliché, anilox roll steel for development 1345 mm (cliché).
Die: die door cylinder development 1345 mm max sheet size 1345x1800 mm fustellabile, No Drive. Sinchro
Automatic stacker Curioni transfer section boxes with arm straps and adjustable, manually position the passageway 2300 mm.
Sheet width mm 1800 extends (min. 600 mm)
Height 1500 mm barrel (MIN 350 mm)
Alternate shot 1270 mm
Printable 1345 mm height
Printable width 1800 mm
Mechanical speed about 8000 hits per hour

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