Tecnopaper Srl in Lucca-Italy, was founded in 2005 by a team of engineers and mechanical engineers with many years of experience in the areas of:
-Manufacture of machinery for paper;
-Construction of car sections for the production of paper;
-Changes to the cars and improve existing fittings;

Today this know-how is a name: Tecno logo, specializing in the design, construction and installation of machinery and plant for the production of fabrics. graphics and paper packaging.

Tecnopaper Offer a sort of paper manufacturer the possibility of having, with a budget adequate, complete technical support and tailored solutions for the modernization of existing production facilities through the enhancement and different rebulding section of the paper machine, allowing a gradual renewal of the entire production and ensuring the customer a improvement and increasing its production and the final product quality.

Tecnopaper provides paper manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, engineering projects, accurate, reliable high-tech machinery with a permanent technical assistance support.

The strength of Tecnopaper is the ability to support the customer in every stage of the development process, qualified technical consultation, décor on problem solving, industrial applications and costructive problems, making meet and experience in operational synergy technologt, from the initial stages of the project, to implementation, to operational tests of machines and production lines.

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