Vatan İmalat Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. STI. was created by Mr Fevzi DOGAN in 1989. From 2006 company moved the neighborhood Kiraç and continued its activity in a new building modern, with total area of 2000 m 2 . VATAN MAKINA it was recorded as a trademark da TPE . Today VATAN MAKINA signed a lot of R projects & S for machines of paper - cardboard and for machines cardboard wavy . The production of paper and cardboard cutting machines , deal the 80% of the national market in the field and at the same we export our products in many countries . All le related procedures to our products run on a high level , we provide all types of support to our customers like informative , installation service , replacement parts and warranty services . Our main purpose for the the near future is to become a competitive player on international market.

Teknic Özellikler/Technical Specification

Model Model NSR 1050 NSR 1250 NSR 1450 NSR 1650
Genisligi Bobin
Available Knife Widhts
1030 mm. 1230 mm. 1430 mm. 1630 mm.
Çapi Bobin
Maximum Roll Diameter
■ ø 1600 mm. ☐ 2040 mm ø.
Bobin Agirligi
Maximum Roll Weight
2000 Kg Max.
/Karton Kagit Agirligi
Paper/Board Thickness
40 g/m ² – 750 g/m ²
Kesim Boyu
Cutting Lenght
■ 300 mm/1450 mm-1650 mm-☐ ☐ 2050mm.
Kesim Hizi Maximum
Cutting Speed
dk/300 meters. -300 m/min.
Hassasiyeti Kesim
Cutting Accuracy
± 0.25 mm.
Bobin Standi
Roll Stand
Milsiz –/– Hydraulic Shaftless Blocks
Boy Ayari
Cutting Length Setting
Adeti Bobin
Number of Rolls
1 – 2
Frelame Bobin
Roll Brake
Otomatik Kontrol Tansiyon/Automatic Tension Control
Statik Aplikasibbi Eliminatörü
Anti-static Device
Atma Serit
Tab Inserter
Dairesel Biçak Dilimleme
Slit and Cross Cut
Hava Gücü
Air Consumption
5 Bar
Elektrik Gücü
Power Consumption
65 KW/380 V + 68 KW
Bobin Dip Ütüleme
Elimination of Roll Deformed Parts
Fotosel Kontrollü Sayma
Counter Controlled by Photocell
Hava Antistatik Kontrollü Çekiciler
Anti-static Puller whit Air Controlled
Ythe Veya 2 Saat/5000 2 Year or 5000 Working Hours

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