Your partner for used industrial machines for paper, cardboard and plastic in Italy.

Papiria, based in Bardolino, in the province of Verona is a company through which the third Carver family carries forward the experience and constancy in the last thirty years the yield known worldwide.
The company is mainly engaged in the purchase of used equipment of the best brands as regards the production and converting of paper and cardboard and according to the needs of our customers we are able to make technological improvements, rebuilding mechanical and electrical components, certifications and warranties.

Granny has embarked on a series of partnerships with manufacturers of new equipment to meet the demands of all our clients, now loyal during the long history of the company.

The experience obtained from the long course of the company enables us to offer machinery used in excellent condition at very competitive prices, thanks to cooperation closely with technicians in the sector for several decades, as Granny takes care of the customer, from the choice of the most suitable machinery for production needs for assistance in the course of use of the machine over the years.


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